• Model: XNE006
  • Weight: 16 grams
  • Brand: Xtreme Production

Carbon Flybar Set (with Larger & Small weight) (Solo Pro 260)

Li-po 3.7v, 190 mAh 30C (Single Rib for NineEagles Micro)
Xtreme Landing Skid w/ Battery Mount (for Solo Pro)
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by sergio debernardi

the screws and the key is made with wire Diiron bends because the threads are badly made, if you can insert the screw can no longer move.

by Robert Charbonneau

heli was not very stable when i installed this flybar, went back to the original one all is fine again

by Frank Skilton

I feel that this product is a waste of money. It is overpriced and does not fit without modification. The ball links are too big, meaning that the flybar does not pivot freely. This is most likely the reason people are complaining of poor handling and instability with this product fitted. If you carefully sand the balls down a little bit, it will work as intended. I went too far when sanding so now the flybar is completely useless as the link won't pop on. This is an expensive upgrade part, it should fit perfectly out of the box. Shame on you Xtreme, I want my money back.