• Model: ESL020
  • Weight: 13 grams
  • Brand: Xtreme Production

Extended Alu. Inner shaft (for Lama v3, v4, Robins)

Metal Bearing Housing for main shaft (for Lama 3,4 / BCX2,3)
Extended Inner Shaft V2 (+8 mm) (For Esky coaxial)
Price :
US$11.80US$7.8034% off Report Cheaper Price

by Robert Lai

I never had any upgrades until I got this upgrade and the Xtreme blades and they just didn't work too well for me. I tried adjusting/trimming but it's just so unstable and going all over the place that I can't really utilize these upgrades. I tried this shaft with the Xtremem blades - it was terrible as I mentioned above, so I tried taking out the Xtreme blades and used the original blades with this shaft - results not too good neither so finally I took out this shaft and just used the xtreme blades, much better. Even though it's true that the Xtreme blades give you much more lifting power, at the same time it will require much more power from the battery to produce the lifting so your flying time is actually less - perhaps use different (better - non stock) battery. I found that even though it "seems" like the Xtreme blades give you more stable lift because you will notice the heli is more station in the air ...however it's harder to control when you start to move around (maybe just m


For those who didn't get the exteneded inner shaft to work correctly. please make sure the fly-bar is adjusted parallel to the top blades by adjusting the lenght of ball link on top rotor head.

by Derek Samson

I have purchased one exteneded shaft for my heli and have flight tested to see how it performs on my LamaV4. It works well but I noticed some unwanted vibrations so I have delayed anymore flying until I order other upgraded parts. I beleive that in order for it to perform at its best you need to follow through with other upgraded parts along the shaft so as to acheive a more balanced system. Other than that it has been mentioned that this upgrade helps flight outdoors better. I tried it in moderate winds and it did not perform any better than the normal but I feel that when your making an extreme turn the blades will not come in contact with each other as often as the stock blades would. Recommendation: Create a more balanced system by following through with the other upgrades along the shaft especially if you find yourself outdoors more often than you like.