• Model: ESL006
  • Weight: 18 grams
  • Brand: Xtreme Production

Xtreme Blade for Lama and CX -1 pair (Lower)

Xtreme Blade for Lama and CX-1 pair (Upper-Yellow)
Xtreme Blade for Lama and CX-1 pair (Lower-Blue)
Price :
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Xtreme hard Blade

parts for Esky Lama v3 / v2
parts for Esky Lama v3 / v2

  • The Cross Section shape is different to the old blade, Xtreme Blades have a Airfoil Shape, and it will generate more upward force.
  • Since the upward force generated is larger, the Helicopter require less RPM( rotation per minute) to drive the blade, less current draw by motor thus you have longer flying time.
  • Also, vibration of helicopter is Less due to lower RPM is required, the helicopter will become more stable in flying.
  • Because of the Airfoil shape of blade, the front edge of blade is thicker than the old blade. It is more durable and impact resists.

  • 1 pair of blade

by Oon Alan

The blade is slightly longer & wider.It provide a more quiet and stable flight.

by Marek Krzyzowski

_b_Highly recomended!!!!! You truly need these blades._b_ You will not belive what can you do with _b_Robins 22_/b_ after one _b_important modification_/b_. I almost fly 3D on it. :) Every time I hit something, ceiling, flor, wall, wardrobe, chair, metal rabish bin in park, bush ect AND.... I simply put my heli on skids again and ...... ????????? FLY AGAIN!!!!!! That's amazing!!! You'll never be able to do the same with orginal blades. My blades very often hit each other and hit heli fly bar and nothing wrong happens!!! You have to have it. Honestly. I broke orginal blades minimum 2-3 daily. _b_Now with these ones I fly for 2 weeks 3 times daily and they are still in perfect condition!!!_/b_

by John Cunningham

Well worth the extra money spent. I have had these blades installed for about 30 flights now and with no sign of wear. I would go through many sets of E_sky blades in that time. Great upgrade!