• Model: EBL015
  • Weight: 65 grams
  • Brand: Xtreme Production

380BL Ball Bearing Motor-A (Esky Big Lama, with 10, 11T)

Xtreme Tail Boom Kit (Esky Big Lama)
380BL Ball Bearing Motor-B (Esky Big Lama, with 10, 11T)
Price :
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  • Equipped with Ball bearings and strong Neo magnet, which greatly increase the efficiency and output power.
  • Easy change of motor brushes, and spare carbon brushes is available (# EHB005-B)
  • 10 teeth pinion is installed, and a 11t pinion is provided as option if you fly the big lama with a 20C or higher rating Lipo batteries.

  Stock Esky Motor Xtreme 380BL Ball Bearing Motor
Magnet Black ordinary magnet Silver Neo magnet
Ball bearing No (bushing installed) Ball bearings at both ends
Brushes no spare parts available spare parts available
No Load Current 1.2A Max. 1.4A Max.
No Load Speed 21000rpm 27000 rpm
Rated Load Current 3.5A Max. 3.6A Max
Rated Load Speed
17400rpm 24400 rpm
Rated Load 50g.cm 50g.cm
Load voltage 11.1v 11.1v

  • 1 x Motor with plug and 10T pinion installed
  • 1 x 11T pinion


by kevin king

I am really happy with these motors. A lot more power than stock motors. I had to make the wires longer on the rear motor because they are too short to reach the esc.