• Model: FYTL45088-02
  • Weight: 15.5 grams
  • Brand: Tarot

Tarot 450 One Piece Main Shaft Block(450SE/GF/V2/V3/SPORT)

Tarot 450Sport Metal Main Shaft Bearing Block
Tarot 450Sport Motor Mount
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by Bob Aylmer

This item may not be suitable for 450 V2. My frame is a clone Trex 450V2 TT, and is 26mm (internal) wide. Each side of the one piece shaft block is 22mm and is 39mm long. Quality of finish is excellent. The screws are M2 * 7mm full length and 4.5mm thread length. An excellent replacement is the Tarot 450 Pro Integrated Main Shaft Fixed Group, Model: FYTL48029-01. The advantage is that the servo mount swings up for easier installation of servos, and the screw holes line up with the servo holes so the servo does not need to be hacked.