• Model: FYTL8X002
  • Weight: 16 grams
  • Brand: Tarot

Tarot electric retractable tripod controller TL8X002

Tarot X series electric retractable landing gear group TL8X001
Tarot medium-sized electric retractable landing TL8X003
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Product Function Description:
1 - Reverse power protection: The power of positive and negative polarity will not damage the landing gear control panel.
2 - The receiver is connected Description: Enter a channel through 3P ​​line even ordinary receiver, the signal for the PWM, pulse width of zero value 1520us, the pulse width is greater than 1520us for landing gear, the pulse width is less than 1520us is closed landing gear.
3 - Tthe receiver connection instructions: initial power-up if there is no receiver signal, the indicator flashes rapidly until the receiver detects the signal.
4 - Power Protection: After initial power-up if the receiver is close to the landing gear of the action, landing gear does not respond, and the indicator light flashes slowly, until the receiver instruction becomes the landing gear, the light goes out.
5 - work instructions: When the retractable landing gear operation is being performed, the indicator lit until the landing gear completely stopped, the light goes out.
6 - runaway protection: When the work process, after the loss of receiver signal, the landing gear will automatically put down.
How to check whether the motor positive and negative reversed:
When the landing gear to work properly, remove the receiver signals to the control panel to enter the failsafe state, if the state is to put the landing gear then the positive and negative electrical wiring is correct, otherwise described motor positive and negative reversed.

Fault diagnosis:
1, the power did not respond: Please check the power of positive and negative connections are correct.
2, the landing gear during the operation to stop in the middle: Please check for foreign objects blocking retractable landing gear.
3, retractable landing gear to perform the action does not respond: Check if foreign objects blocking retractable landing gear.
4, after the landing gear completely stopped, the light does not go out: Check whether the supply voltage to meet the requirements.
5, after power has been rapidly flashing lights: Check the receiver is connected correctly.

Electric retractable tripod control × 1 (47 × 32 × 9.5mm) 13g
Operating voltage: 3S-6S (12.6V --- 25.2V)
Minimum voltage: 10V
Maximum voltage: 26V