• Model: VM-II-LIPO-CB
  • Weight: 1500 grams
  • Brand: Atomic

VM-II 1/10 M Series Touring Car - LIPO Carbon Chassis Version

Price :

The New Features of LIPO Carbon Chassis Version

  • Newly designed 2mm thickness main chassis( Full Carbon Graphite Main Chassis).
  • Modified front shock tower provides two different styles of body posts to fit most M-chassis bodies on the market.

  • Revised front/rear bulkhead design provides a variety of chassis rigidity settings to suit different tracks.
  • Chassis upper deck thickness reduced from 2.5mm to 2mm.
  • New carbon reinforced plastic material with improved strength and durability.
  • Each kit comes with one Solid Axle (Spool) and one Gear Differential.
  • Mutable drive belt installation position (left or right) for customer settings.

  • 15mm width reduction from original VM-II chassis.

  • Dual Belt Drive, 4WD Drive Train
  • 2mm Full Carbon Grahhite Lipo Battery Version Main Chassis.
  • 3mm Full Carbon Grahhite Shock Towers with multiple shock mounting positions
  • Aluminum oil shock set.
  • Ultra light weight front Spool, center direct-drive.
  • Adjustable Front/ Rear Anti Roll-Bar (Need to buy separately)
  • Adjustable Front/ Rear Down-stops
  • Steering Ackerman (Five different position available)
  • Adjustable Front/ Rear Lower Arm Position (+-0.6mm)
  • Adjustable Front/ Rear Upper Camber Link position
  • Adjustable Front/ Rear Camber
  • Default 4* degree Front caster (Optional 0*, 2*, 6*)
  • Adjustable Front/ Rear Toe-in
  • Reinforced M-Class Disk Wheel included
  • Required for operation (not included):-
    2 channel radio set, Batteries, Electronic Speed Controller, Motor, Body, Tire, Insert, Steering Servo

  • Wheel Base: 210mm
  • Length: 285mm
  • Width : 165mm
  • Weight: 450g (Wheel not included).
  • Ready-to-Run weight: 1200g
  • Default Gear Ratio: 1.70