• Model: 32780
  • Weight: 800 grams
  • Brand: Kyosho

MR-03VE JSCC Blue Limited Kyosho 50th ver.

Price :

Vivid blue colored frame and chassis components mark the MR-03VE Blue Limited 50th Anniversary Chassis as a special machine. With its brushless motor specifications the MR-03VE chassis competes at the highest level in the popular JSCC class of the MINI-Z Cup. In addition to the ECO Tuned VE motor’s driver friendly characteristics, comes the reliability and high torque of brushless motor performance. In the heat of JSCC class racing battle, these advantages can provide the edge. This limited edition with full bearing specifications is delivered at the same price as the existing chassis set. Also, the chassis allows an optional gyro to be bolted on and is compatible with all body styles (some body styles require additional parts). Download the free ICS VE Manager software from the Kyosho website and detailed settings can be adjusted (adaptor sold separately is required). Advanced features and technology prepare the driver and the machine for future evolution. With the MR-03VE Blue Limited 50th Anniversary Chassis, you can discover the true essence of the racing experience.

  • Pre-assembled MR-03VE N-RM chassis set fitted with ECO Tuned brushless motor.
  • Special edition blue color finish.
  • Full ball bearings, ball diff, gold plated battery terminals included as standard.
  • RM motor mount and narrow tread specifications.
  • Includes MM motor mount and front tread replacement parts.
  • Compatible with nearly all body styles. (Some bodies require additional parts).
  • Upper cover allows optional gyro to be easily fitted.
  • Compatible with wide range of optional parts for the MR-03 chassis.
  • Revolutionary front suspension design adjusts camber with suspension stroke.
  • ASF 2.4GHz system automatically manages frequency bands. ※Transmitter sold separately
  • Digital steering servo featuring coreless motor.
  • Spring stopper can be installed or removed with just 2 screws.
  • High conductivity gold plated battery terminals.

Chassis is almost completely blue.
Matching blue ball diff is included
as standard in this limited specification
completed chassis set.

Blue metallic ECO Tuned VE
Motor produces the reliability,
torque and power of a brushless
motor, with driver friendly characteristics.

Included ICS connector is equipped
with special VE Series circuit board.
Adjust individual settings through special
software (free download) and adaptor
(sold separately).

Compatible with all existing body
styles and allows optional gyro to
be installed without modification to
the upper cover.

Equipped with blue anodized
ball diff unit as standard. Yields
the full power advantages of the
ECO Tuned VE Motor.

Features high conductivity gold
plated battery terminals and motor
connector, together with cables that
do not interfere with suspension movement.

Priced the same as the existing
chassis set, this model features
full ball bearing specifications
to deliver high efficiency and
low resistance for JSCC class

Upper arms connected to king
pins and knuckles with ball links
allow the camber angle to change
with suspension stroke

The innovative VCS
(Variable Camber Suspension)
represents a significant evolutionary
step in the history of the MINI-Z.

Length : 133mm
Width: 76mm
Height: 35mm
Wheelbase: 86,90,94,98,102,106
Tread (F/R): (Wide)61.5mm/59mm (Narrow)56.5mm/56.5mm (when Wheel Offset=0)
Tire(F/R): 25 x 8.5mm (sold separately) / 25 – 27 x 8.5-11mm (sold separately)
Gear Ratio: 7.3, 6.3, 5.5, 4.9 : 1
Weight: 135g (approx. without body)
Motor: ECO Tuned VE Brushless

  • Pre-assembled MR-03VE N-RM chassis fitted with ECO Tuned VE brushless motor.
  • One-piece RA-27 receiver with ICS connector and brushless motor circuit board.
  • MM motor mount conversion parts.
  • Front lower and upper plates, steering tie-rod for wide tread.
  • Front suspension adjustment spacer.
  • 7T, 8T and 9T pinion gears.
  • Wheel wrench.
  • Pinion gear tool .
  • Pairing stick.
  • Spare wheel nuts.

< Required for Operation >

  • ASF2.4GHz PERFEX KT-18 transmitter for MINI-Z or Kyosho EX-5UR ASF transmitter (No.82011).
  • Auto Scale Collection (body set, wheels. tires)
  • 4 x AAA-size alkaline or NiMH batteries.
  • 4 x AAA-size alkaline batteries for transmitter (KT-18), 8 x AA-size alkaline batteries (EX-5UR)