• Model: SZ2-KIT
  • Weight: 200 grams
  • Brand: Atomic

SZ2 shaft drive AWD chassis kit (no elecrtronic)

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New shaft driven AWD (All Wheel Drive) competition chassis.

SZ2 features a center differential between the front and rear axles to compensate for the different wheel speeds between the axles from different cornering radii.
Remember that we usually have smaller diameter front tires compared to the rear, therefore the front axle is spin faster than the rear does.
Center Diff prevents torsional stresses in the drive train and automatically distributes the driving forces, thus the car drive more smoothly around corner and better acceleration.

- Center Differential.
- New longer rear arm and upright with flange bearing.
- Stock car come with servo saver.
- Come with 2 types of servo mounts, suitable for both 8mm and 11mm thick Atomic servos.
- 2.0mm thick carbon fiber chassis plate.
- Extreme low CG (center of gravity).
- Compatible to miniz car bodies (98mm WB)