FLYSKY Micro 4CH Receiver for Noble NB4

Futaba S-FHSS Compatibe Surface 4 Channel Receiver For Mini Cars
Sponge Double Side Tape for serovs, gyro, esc, etc (150 x 20mm)
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This 2.4G RC receiver uses AFHDS3 protocol and it is dedicated to the FLYSKY Noble NB4 transmitter. It has single-antenna, use two-way transmission and features a unique compact design that saves space. It can output standard PWM, i-BUS and PPM signal.

1. FLYSKY AFHDS3 protocol compatible
2. High performance CPU enhance precision control feeling
3. 4 channel servo signal, i-BUS and PPM signal support
4. Micro size (21mm x 15mm)
5. Added failsafe function
6. Operating Voltage 3.5V - 12V:
7. Weight: 3g

1. Press the BIND button and power on the receiver, the receiver’s led will flash quickly.
2. Put the transmitter into bind mode. The receiver’s led will flash slowly when the binding is successful.
3. Disconnect receiver’s power and reconnect the power cable to the receiver. Now is should working normally.

Compatible Transmitters:

Package Included:
1 x Receiver
4 x 1.5mm 3P JST plug with high quality silicon cable