• Model: HPET006
  • Weight: 73 grams
  • Brand: HeliOption

Lipo Safe Bag (190 x 80 x 70 mm)

800mah 7.4V Li-Po Rechargeable TX Battery for DJI Phantom 1 2 Vi
Li-po Battery 7.4v, 1000 mAh 35C (Blade 200QX)
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The LiPo Safe Bag is bag made of special fire-resistant materials that has the ability to contain a lithium polymer battery fire or charging mishap. place your lithium polymer battery inside the LiPo Safe and extend the charging wires through the top flap.


    1. Ensure that charger rate is properly set and polarity is correct
    2. Attach charging leads to battery
    3. Place battery in LiPo Safe towards the bottom
    4. Place LiPo Safe on non-flammable surface
    5. Route charge leads through vent at the top seam of the LiPo Safe
    6. Close top flap of LiPo Safe and press hook and loop closure fully closed
    7. Charge battery using proper charging practices
    8. Always practice extreme caution when charging and never leave a charging battery unattended


L190 x W80 x H70 mm
65 gram


  • 1 x Lipo Safe Bag