• Model: B130X26-R
  • Weight: 46 grams
  • Brand: Xtreme Production

Carbon Fibre Frame Set -Blade 130X ( Red )

Spare Screw Set for CF Frame -B130X
Spare Left Panel for CF Frame -B130X ( Red )
Price :

  • The Carbon panels are 1.0mm thick and it is made of real carbon frame, not glass fiber with black color.
  • Compatible to the xtreme metal canopy mount, also the stock plastic mount.

  • This carbon frame is compatible to the Spin 8000KV motor (with 9T to 13T motor pinion) , it is not necessary to cut the front servo arm at all.
  • The Front servo can be removed easily, by just releasing 2 screws. No need to separate the frame.

  • Carbon Chassis x 1
  • Swash AR Guide x 1
  • Main Shaft Bearing Blocks x 2
  • Motor Mount x 1
  • Screw Set x 1