• Model: ESL011
  • Weight: 20 grams
  • Brand: Xtreme Production

Xtreme Graphite Tail boom full set (for Esky Lama v3)

Xtreme Landing Skid and Battery holder set (for Esky Lama v3)
Metal Bearing Housing for main shaft (for Lama 3,4 / BCX2,3)
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by Paul Devane

Just received mine today along with the skid and battery holder. Installation was easy and everything fit perfectly. Test flew my Lama 3 and the difference is incredible. I had to re-trim a bit of course but it's much more stable. It looks great and flys better.

by Milton Maxson

I received the total conversion kit (boom, skid, battery holder, canopy, and hard blades). It all arrived safely and within 7 days from Hong Kong to Florida. The assembly sheet that was included was only a graphic of the parts to be used and where they should be. One must study the assembly thoroughly before attempting to do the upgrade. When completed the new machine is very flyable and stable. The quality of the parts was evident on the first crash...nothing broke. My battery ran out at about 15 feet up and nothing broke on imact. The extreme blades seem to have more lift than the old black blades, and are a lot stronger. The only drawback to the kit is the fact that it calls for using double sided tape to attach the boom to the forward holder and to the tail feathers. Not everyone has double sided tape. I had to go out and buy a roll. Using super glue or some other adhesive, would have made the assembly too permanent to make an easy repair if needed in the future. All in all, I am v

by Igor Solodchenko

Nice looking item. Just a bit expensive if you include all the options. looks nice. I just used super glue to hold the shaft instead of the tape. For the price one would think they could have included a few cheap pices of tape in the kit.