• Model: HPTB015
  • Weight: 16 grams
  • Brand: HeliOption

Ti Turnbuckle (M3.0x44 -3pcs) Swash of Trex 700DFC, Goblin 770)

Ti Turnbuckles (M2.0x40 -2pcs) for Trex 700E swash
Titanium Turnbuckles (M1.3 x 28mm)- 2 pcs Trex 250 FBL
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  • Suitable Model: Trex 700E / Goblin 500/630/700
Just turn the buckle with a screw driver to adjust its length, no need to pop off the ball link.
  • Turn buckles come with "right-hand thread" at one end, while other end is "left hand-thread".
  • The blade pitch can be adjusted without snap off the linkage, Just turn the buckle with the tool to adjust its length.