• Model: XWL03-B
  • Weight: 5 grams
  • Brand: Xtreme Production

Light Weight Bumper for Micro Quadcopters (for 8.5mm motor-Blue)

Carbon Fiber Polymer Propellers (55mm, 1 set)- for Micro Quad
Light Weight Bumper for Micro Quadcopters (for 8.5mm motor-Red)
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This Light Weight Bumper is 70% lighter than the stock bumper. It is only 1.1 gram (4pcs).

It is not only protecting the copter, also more safe to the surrounding people. And due to its light weight, the affect on flying is very very small.

Suitable to use with any quad copter with 8.5 mm diameter motors, such Hubsan X7 and WL toys micro quads.

Hubsan X4 107C (8.5 mm diameter motor)

Hubsan X4 107D (8.5 mm diameter motor)

Stock Bumper is 2.9 gram

Xtreme Light Weight Bumper, only 1.1 gram

Transparent effect looks nice in the dark


** 7.0 mm motor version also available.