• Model: FX-QA239
  • Weight: 709 grams
  • Brand: X-CAM

X-CAM A10-3H GOPRO 3 Axis Gimbal for KongCopter

HML850 Quick Install Retractable Landing Gear Skid Set for 20mm
BaseCam Simple BGC3.0 32-bit 3-axis Brushless Gimbal Controller
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  • Gopro 1-3+ Uiversal use brushless gimbal,independent developmenty and new design
  • Built in position sensor to dimilish vibration
  • Adopts specifal components, the third axis and rotate freely at 360 deg
  • power supply Gopro 3 when usd gimbal
  • With chase the head and lock mode , and provide one button back handpiece function
  • Use independent position sensor,without accumulated error
  • Tilt/Roll/Pan can control independently
  • 5V power supply system
  • Power comsumption:500ma
  • Stabilization rate up to 5200Hz,high performance

Product Details

Weight: 280g ( without GOPRO )
-Stabilization frequency: 5200Hz
-Input voltage: 7.4v ~ 16.8v ( 2S ~ 4S Lipo )
-Tilt travel: +-90 degree; Roll travel: +-45 degree
-YAW travel: 360 degrees unlimited rotation
-AV ouput & Charging Module has been insided
-Does not need any Auto Pilot System supporting
-3 Gyro sensors & 1 Position sensor inside
-Supports automatic location function
The S-BUS output provides full functions, all function has been defined
channel number:
Channel 1 : ROLL Control
Channel 2: Return to HOME
Channel 3: TILT Control
Channel 4: YAW Control
Channel 5: Mode switch
The recommend operation ways
1. Single person: Just connect PPM channel for switch HEAD FOLLOWING , HEAD LOCK and AUTO BACK TO HOME, does not need to connect S-BUS channel, One receiver can be used.
2. Two persons: Does not need to connect PPM channel, only S-BUS output channel provides full functions. But needs 2 receivers
Notice: It does not need provide power to the receiver when you using two person mode, the A10-3H controller will provide the power to the receiver via the S-BUS.
1.Do not touch the gimbal during the initialization after turn on, Keep the gimbal in quietude
2.Do not use BEC for the gimbal power, pls use 2~4S Lipo battery
3.Strongly suggest using 12mm tube to mount the gimbal
4.Make sure the center of gravity of the gimbal is correct before using

  • X-CAM A10-3H for GOPRO 3 Axis Gimbal x 1
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