• Model: B200SR04B8
  • Weight: 22 grams
  • Brand: Xtreme Production

Carbon Polymer Main Blade (8 Degree, 1 pair) - 200SRX

Price :

    6 degree has less blade pitch angles, compared to 8 degree.

The thrust generated by 6 degree blade is weaker, but you will have a higher head speed and a more stable flying.

It is suitable if you modified the motor to a stronger one.


8 degree is more thrust, suitable to use with stock motor setup.

by Flyingboats RCG

These Xtreme blades have been a revelation! After extensive experimentation with different blades plus blade trimming, these blades have completely transformed the performance and handling of our highly modified V912's and FX71's. Gone are the old vices of nose flaring, and "wriggly" handling in the wind, instead we have beautiful smooth high speed flight and crisp handling! We're running brushless mains (5000kV) with 11T pinions and these birds are an absolute joy to fly! Highly recommended.

by Appollo Scott

Like Flyingboats RCG stated these blade brings new life to the V912 and Fx71 mini helicopters. They should have came as a standard upgrade kit for those aircraft. One note however is that you need ot extend the tail boom so that the blades will not strike the tail blades. The process is very simple to do by either using a longer pipe or moving the factory pipe out and drilling a few small holes for the screws to go in. I think that these blades need to also called V912 upgrades because they are. Thanks Flyingboats RCG, if it was not for you I would not have found this mod on the Internet.