• Model: SMT1810-3300
  • Weight: 160 grams
  • Brand: Spin

Spin Brushless Motor 3300kv (18D x 9H mm) -200QX (4 pcs, 2N+2R)

Spin Brushless Out-Run 14000kv (13D x 10H mm)
Spin Brushless Motor 3300kv (18D x 9H mm) -200QX (1 pcs, Normal)
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    This out runner motor is mainly designed for 200 size Quad Copter or FPV Drones, such as Eflite Blade 200QX or Xtreme Production MR200, or similar size.

    Flight Time is around 9 minutes, using 7.4 v 1000mah battery.

    For maximum life, please ensure that the bearings are maintained properly; put a small drop of bearing oil on each bearing every 5 flights. And please make sure that a sufficient gap is left between the pinion and main gear during motor installation to avoid binding and causing over load to the motor.

    Motor Kv: 3300 RPM / Volt (KV)
    No-Load Current (Io): 0.8Amps @ 7.4 volt
    ESC Rating Required : 5 Amps
    Weight: 25 grams
    Diameter: 18.0 mm
    Length: 17.5 mm
    Shaft Diameter: 1.8 mm
    Shaft Length:: 6 mm
    Distance Between Holes 10.6 / 12 mm, M1.4 screw
    No. of Lipo Cell: 2 Cell

    • 4 x Motor with plug
    • 4 x Motor Base Mount for 200QX original frame x 4