• Model: AESC01
  • Weight: 20 grams
  • Brand: Atomic

Atomic Mini Sensored ESC (24A)

Team Power M-Radon-V3BT Speed Control (Built-in Bluetooth)
Atomic Sensored ESC Signal Cable (ZH1.0 to ZH1.5)
Price :

The world’s smallest 24a Sensor ESC is born

Tiny, Precise, Powerful

 Compatible with all 130 size brushless motor (15, 16mm diameter), both sensorless or sensored type.
 New BEC power supply system: Provide adequate and stable supply power to the servo. And you will find the servo is working more precise and faster.
 Amazing tiny size: Can fit in 1:28 mini cars easily.
 Magnesium alloy casing: provide high efficiency heat dissipation.
 Several safety protections such as: Low voltage cutoff, Overheat protection, Motor Back Current Protection.
 LCD program Box (optional item, sold separately)

Current Rating: 24A Continues, 40A Peak
BEC Output: 6V – 1.5A, 7.4V -- 1A
Battery Input: 2 cell lipo (7.4V), 4 cell NiMh (4.8V)
Dimension: 20*14*7mm (4.5gram)
Compatibility: Both Sensored or Sensorless motors (15 or 16mm diameter).
Applications: 1:28 or 1:24 RC cars

by castel vincent

in addition to being the smallest, it is the most powerful! it comes with two sensored cables. one with two small plugs and one with a small and a larger one.