• Model: BZ3-UP03-P26
  • Weight: 5 grams
  • Brand: Atomic

26T(option) Pulley for BZ Aluminium Ball Diff (w/ belt)

BZ3 Alu.Toe Angle Mount (3 Dot)
BZ3 Aluminium Front Knuckle
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Note: This gear only work with aluminium ball differential.
and must used with 180mm belt in BZ3

Since most racer will run the BZ3 with a smaller diametter front tires, 26T is 1 teeth smaller than stock 27T, thus you will have a faster front roll out ratio. it will increaes the stabliliy of the car in high grip condition. easy to drive and more high end speed. highly recomand to use in RCP or foam tracks, or high grip carpet.

by castel vincent

my option is preferred. With this smaller crown of a T, the front axle tows a little more than the rear. It makes the car easier to drive I think.