• Model: AESC02
  • Weight: 20 grams
  • Brand: Atomic

High Volt MG Micro Servo (HV1885) -BZ, SZ, AMZ

Servo Horn for Sanwa / KO 20mm (Red)
Atomic DX1820 MG Servo (for Drifting)
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High Volt compatible, support higher voltage BEC input.
Best partner with Atomic sensored ESC as it is able to supply 7.4V to the system.

This new Generation servo has a double bearing design and also higer singal resolution,
Also it can work under high Gyro gain value, without shaking or vibration.
professional servo for both drifting and speed racing.

Suitable for AMZ, BZ, BZ17, BZ3, SZ
(not directly fit DRZ, since this servo is smaller, we will have a upgrade servo mount for DRZ soon)

•Dimensions 20 x 17.6 x 11.3mm

1.0kg.cm @6.0V
1.3kg.cm @7.4V
1.5kg.cm @8.4V


•Dead Band Width: ≤3us
•Micro Coreless Motor
•Gear Type:Metal Gears
•Weight: 7 g