• Model: MRZ-EX-KIT
  • Weight: 200 grams
  • Brand: Atomic

MRZ EX Chassis Kit (No electronic)

MRZ SF Chassis Kit (No electronic)
MRZ Pro Conversion Kit (for MRZ Double Arm vesion)
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Atomic has updated our double arm suspension front, now called the MRZ-EX for “Expert” with a number of improvements helping get every millimeter tuned out of the car.

  • A wider front 74mm (same as SF)
  • Turnbuckle camber adjustments
  • Improved accessibility to the droop screws
  • And machined aluminum lower arms

    This is designed for experts and will require advanced car setup knowledge. If you are unsure consider the MRZ-SF, it’s a fantastic solution out of the box!

    MRZ EX features :
  • New designed double wishbone system, with lower arm 2mm longer compared to old DWS system. Greatly decrease the front wheel scrub radius and thus increased stability in corners.
  • Upper arm with turnbuckle to achieve quick and precise camber angle adjustment handily.
  • Linear side spring system: greatly increase rear grip and it is easily accessible from bottom of the car. Making tunning at track side without open the car body shell.
  • New Steering Angle Limiter (on the steering crank path): knuckle will not hit and lockup with the lower arm and greatly reduce the chance of over steering.
  • Front overall car width will be wider and adding stability. With the new EX system, 0 offset 2wd rim = 74mm width which is equal to +2.0 on traditional MRZ.
  • Brass chassis included. (35 gram)
  • LSD Clutch Gear Differential included. (AR-286)
  • New Light Weight Battery mount (able to fit 46mm x 21mm x 12mm batteries)
  • EX front system conversion kit also available for current MRZ series and MRT (MRZ-UP31)
MRZ EX instruction manual