• Model: SW20CB
  • Brand: Atomic

Side Wall Combo w/ Screw Set (11 pairs: 21.8 to 23.8mm)

S20 RWD Wheel Extra Wide -1 (White)
Side Wall for S20 Wheels - 21.8mm
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Traction rolling is a commonly observed issue that often plagues 1:28 mini cars when they possess grippy tires. A viable solution to this problem lies in the utilization of a side wall. Since this wall considerably lowers the front tire grip during corner steering, it mitigates traction rolling.

As a general rule, racers often opt for a side wall that is about 0.2mm smaller in diameter than the tire. For instance, it's advisable to use a 23.8mm side wall when the tire's diameter is 24mm. Ensuring the side wall has a smaller diameter than the tire is of paramount importance.

If you ever experience insufficient car steering, it would be beneficial to try a smaller side wall. This would allow a larger portion of the tire edge to come into contact with the track surface, thereby enhancing steering performance.