• Weight: 300 grams
  • Brand: Atomic

MRT EVO Chassis Kit (No electronics)

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MRT-EVO features:
- 90 to 102mm wheelbase quick change
- minimum 64mm width with zero offset wheels, able to fit most of the autoscale bodies.
- direct drive steering system, with aluminium servo horn.
- double wishbone suspension.
- front caster angle quick adjustment (0,1,2,3 degree).
- rear aluminium bulkhead included.
- aluminium ball differential included.
- rear arm toe angle adjustable (2, 3, 4 degree) (optional).
- brass chassis bridge mount (15 gram) included, used as heavy mass to lower the center of gravity also help to prevent traction rolling.
- ball bearings included.
** in order to achieve 90mm wheelbase, we need battery with width 18mm or below.