• Model: EHB202
  • Weight: 29 grams
  • Brand: Xtreme Production

Central Hub v2 (Honey Bee, Honey Bee v2)

Central Hub & Blade Grip set v2 (Honey Bee, Honey Bee v2)
Main Shaft for Central Hub (for Honey Bee v2)
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** This Central Hub v2 (EHB202) only work with V2 Blade Grip (EHB203),
** NOT compatible with old composite blade grip (EHB003)

  • The new central hub is equipped with feathering shaft and O-rings, which provide vibration adsorbing ability.

  • 2 Pairs of Rubber Oring is included, Hard compound and Soft compound.
  • Harder O-Rings increase the responds of handling, suitable for experienced and skillful players.
  • Softer O-Rings will decrease the agility of the honey bee, but increase the stability and more easier to hover. Suitable to beginners.

by atilla canbulat

works fine but the shaft is so weak that it will bend or break even in a little crash,its even softer than the stock.Especialy the one that comes with this package(not the spare sold alone) has 2 holes(1 for hbfp and the 1 for the v2) at the bottom thus making this part so fragile.Hope xtreme will fix this soon.