• Model: HPAT50003
  • Weight: 35 grams
  • Brand: HeliOption

Ball Bearing Gimbal Swash Trex 500, 500 Pro, 500 FBL

Quick Change Canopy Mount (20mm) Trex 500 / 500 pro - 2 pcs
Integrated Main Shaft Block w/ Thrust Bearings Trex 500 PRO
Price :

  • Traditional swash plate which come with "spherical ball joint" is a compromise between friction and rigidity of the assembly. And it becomes sloppy over time because the spherical ball rotates and twists with the upper swashplate.
  • HeliOption Gimbal swash plate utilizes ball bearing joints which minimize friction and is as rigid as the bearings provided. The benefits are many including longer swashplate life, less wasted power, and less slop.



  • 1 x Gimbal swash with steel ball heads

by Peter LaBella

Got this swash plate to replace my stock one that developed major slop and the bearing kept slipping... I am very impressed with the fit and finish of this swash....it is not that cheap cast aluminum like that other companies ("MH")....it has zero slop yet spins super smooth....the way this swash is made there is no chance of the bearing ever slipping again....I give it 5 stars