• Model: Y--005
  • Weight: 34 grams
  • Brand: Atomic

Super quick glue for R/C Car Rubber Tire

V2 Super Glue for Rubber Tires (20g)
Joint Lubrication Oil For Universal Shaft
Price :
US$6.60US$5.9011% off Report Cheaper Price

Quantity: 1 pc

  • Glue the tire before you race having consistent performance or lose the tire after few laps
  • Atomic instant glue is especially designed and blended for Atomic tires compond. Of-corse, you can use it with any rubber tires without any problem.

Step of use the glue:
  1. Cleaning the wheel surface.
  2. Slick double tape on the wheel surface.
  3. Put the glue between and wheel and tire, waiting around 20 sec. that ready for Race.