• Model: WV12001
  • Weight: 35 grams
  • Brand: Xtreme Production

Carbon Fiber Frame w/ Xtreme Skid W46009 (V120D02 , D02S)

Skid & Plastic Parts (spare for W46009)
Auto Rotation Gear set (with one way bearing) V120D02S V1/ V2
Price :

This Carbon frame is made of graphite board and aluminium alloy. And it is only 0.8 gram more than the stock plastic frame.
However the benefit is you have a ultra rigid chassis and you will find your helicopter has a better and sharper respond.

Xtreme frame : 8.0 gram

stock frame :7.2 gram

New side panel and motor mount for V120D02S

16 mm diameter Out runner motor compatible

Helicopter compatible:
4#6, 4#6S, 4G6, 4G6S, V120D01,V120D02, V120D02S.
Motor compatibility:
motor up to 16mm diameter
Graphite plate and 7075 CNC Alu. Alloy

  • Pre-assembly carbon main frame
  • Xtreme landing skid W46009
  • 1 x CF panel for 16mm diameter motors
  • 1 x Motor Mount for 16mm diameter motors
  • 1 x Bearing kit for 2.5mm main shaft