• Model: HPAT50006
  • Weight: 67 grams
  • Brand: HeliOption

Integrated Main Shaft Block w/ Thrust Bearings Trex 500 PRO

Ball Bearing Gimbal Swash Trex 500, 500 Pro, 500 FBL
DFC Arm w/ Fine Adjustable Turnbukle - Trex 500 (2 pcs)
Price :

  • This Bearing Block only suitable to Trex 500 PRO, 500 Pro DFC
  • Integrated the upper and lower bearing blocks together, made of grade 6061 material.
  • Come with high precision NSK (Japanese Brand) bearings.
  • The bearings are now perfectly aligned and resulting in increasing of precision of main shaft installation,
  • Chassis rigidity is greatly increased too, main shaft is running perfectly straight even in hard 3D moves, because of the chassis twist and vibration is reduced.


  • With Thrust bearings, it takes the vertical thrust load away from the stock radial bearings. so, the main shaft rotating more smoothly and reduce the chance of bearing seizing (damage).


  • 1 x Integrated Bearing Block with bearings installed.
  • 2 pcs