• Model: HPAT70006
  • Weight: 25 grams
  • Brand: HeliOption

DFC Arm w/ Fine Adjustable Turnbukle - Trex 700 (2 pcs)

Precision Tail Blade Grip w/ Triple Bearings -Trex 550, 600, 700
Quick Change Canopy Mount (12.5mm) Trex 700E-DFC - 2pcs
Price :

  • Helioption DFC linkage is come with a Steel Turnbuckle which have a right-hand thread at one end, while other end is left hand-thread.
  • The blade pitch angle can be adjusted expressly without snaping off the ball cap and just turn the buckle (the hole in the middle) with a tool to adjust its length.
  • A Very useful and handy upgrade for Align Trex DFC players


  • 2 x DFC Alu. Arm
  • 4 x Radial Bearings
  • 2 x Steel Turnbukles
  • 2 x Nylon Lock Nut
  • 2 x Plastic Ball Cap