• Model: FYTL810S01
  • Weight: 2016 grams
  • Brand: Tarot

Tarot 810sport aerial vehicle TL810S01

Tarot Robocat 280mm Mix-Cabon Frame w/ Hood Cover for FPV
HJ-6504 Carbon Fiber Folding Quadcopter Frame Kit 4-axis Frame
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Tarot 810sport Aerial Vehicle TL810S01

Quick folding lines can be directly mounted safe, avoid the use of plug circuit. Patented design of the 4-way locking folding mechanism, so that the machine arm steady as a rock. Cover all use self-locking nut M3 head in carbon fiber board, its thread structure using a unique design self-locking screw technology,
Has excellent resistance to lateral vibration capability. Rapid adoption of the folded portion innovation ¢ 40 Falcon riveting metal dovetail design, with strong clamping force.
Full carbon with excellent damping non-slip handle when folded tube. Standard electric retractable tripod, bring unlimited broad aerial perspective. Lightweight two-tone seat motor overall design with a strong perspective effect, provide striking visual direction for the body in the air. New Motor Brushless ESC installed new seat position, the harness protection card, clip-on design to facilitate transfer
Section motor base level product description:
TAROT 810SPORT multi-axis aircraft for professional aerial photography users designed a multi-axis flight carrier, standard new electric contraction folding tripod, standard six-axle hub, mount PTZ systems for a variety of electronic system
EC to provide adequate space for installation, its transverse arm folding machine can bring the most powerful and stable support structure.
6-rotor to provide sufficient power, even if one axis unexpectedly stops working, but also to ensure the aircraft is
Steady state. Whole has lightweight, portable and convenient.
The overall use of import cover of pure carbon 3K Toray carbon fiber woven pure, high temperature and pressure prefabricated full CNC precision machining.
Pure carbon matte twill carbon fiber quality beyond conventional commercial products, integrated performance beyond national standards for carbon fiber strip
Board-level performance requirements of high-strength index.

Symmetric Motor Wheelbase: 810 mm
Rack Diameter: 920mm
Folding propeller size: 15 inches
Arm length: 430mm
Center cover Specifications: 247 × 242 × 2.0mm
Motor mounting pitch: 16mm / 19mm / 25mm / 27mm equilateral triangle installation
Undercarriage clearance height: 362mm
Battery Specifications: 15C, 22.2V, 10000-2000mAh
6S Brushless ESC: 40A
Maximum power consumption: 4000W
Hover Power: 1500W
Working temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃
Weight: 1.6KG
Total weight: 1.9KG
Flight 3 kg load, design compressive load 15 kg. Recommended:
4114 / 320KV brushless motor TL100B08 multiaxial
1555 carbon fiber multiaxial efficient reverse paddle TL2812
35-40A ESC multiaxial

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