• Model: PM-HJ18511
  • Weight: 62 grams
  • Brand: PM

433MHz Radio Telemetry 100mw/500mW Wireless Transmission Module

915MHz Radio Telemetry 100mw/500mW Wireless Transmission Module
Tiny Omnidirectional RHCP Antenna
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3DR 433MHz Radio Telemetry 100mw/500mW Wireless Transmission Module Air/Ground Combo

The 3DRobotics 3DR Radio is the ideal way to setup a telemetry connection between your APM/Pixhawk and a ground station. Small, inexpensive and with great range, the 3DR radio uses an open source
"Sik" firmware which allows us to do things that cannot be done with other radios.

  • Support MWC/APM/PIXHAWK/PX4 open source flight controllers, etc
  • Frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS)
  • Power: 100mW/500mW optional
  • Small size, light weight
  • Transparent serial link
  • CP2102 USB/TTL chip
  • MAVLLink protocol
  • Open source firmware
  • Could correct up to 25% data bit error
  • Support for LBT and AFA
  • Configurable duty cycle
  • Can be used with a bi-directional amplifier for even more range
  • Based on the HopeRF HM-TRP radio module, featuring an SiLabs Si1000 RF microcontroller.

Download the USB driver for the Ground radio here:

Frequency regulations vary by country, so consult your local airspace authority to find out which frequency is legal in your area.

*Note: The reference to APM refers to the ArduPilot project, a family of open source autopilots based on the Arduino open source computing platform, developed by 3DR and the open source community. It consists of a choice of ArduPilot Mega (APM) electronics and a range of free software versions for different vehicles and is governed by an open source creative commons license.

Frequency: 433MHz
Range of approx: 1 mile
Receiver sensitivity: -121 dBm
Transmit power up to: 20dBm (100mW)

  • 433MHz 3DR Radio Telemetry with the case
  • 3.5dbi Antennas x2
  • cables (APM) x 1
  • cables (PIX) x 1